Obtaining a large non-bank loan is possible if you have additional security. One such solution is a non-bank loan against property, vehicles or a company. http://www.oryxoman.com/2019/03/07/payday-loans-online-virginia-request-an-online-loan-direct-lender-now/ for a critique

It is not possible to obtain a loan or credit in every situation. The largest problems with receiving additional financing may be people with debt bailiffs or delays in paying off other loans. The same applies to persons conducting business activity who have unpaid obligations to ZUS or the Tax Office. The company Speed ​​Cash Polygarp, which offers a non-bank loan for collateral, can help in this situation.

It is common knowledge that loans granted against collateral are a fairly muddling topic and many people have lost even their life’s assets by taking such loans. Therefore, the selection of a company providing such a loan should be 100% thought-out. We should carefully analyze the opinions on the internet about a particular company that we decide to use.

A company that grants non-bank loans against collateral

A company that grants non-bank loans against collateral

One of the companies whose offer is worth considering is Speed ​​Cash Polygarp. The company specializes in the provision of non-bank loans against collateral and deals with it not from today. It was founded in 2013 by a team of lawyers, analysts and experts from the financial sector. So it is a company that has in its team people with extensive experience that has been gained in law firms, banks and financial institutions. Thanks to the cooperation with many banks, the company was able to provide bank loans for very high amounts. In recent years, the company has decided to grant loans from its own capital. As a result, a non-bank loan appeared in the company’s offer, against the flat, house or plot and vehicles. The company’s offer also includes products for people running a business and their own companies. Available amounts of loans in Speed ​​Cash range from 30,000. up to 5 million PLN.

What conditions must be met to obtain a loan under Speed ​​Cash? The offer of companies can be used by individuals as well as running their own companies. A loan may be granted even if you have a negative credit history. It is therefore an ideal proposition for those seeking large loans for indebted people in debt bases or bailiffs. However, an important criterion for obtaining a loan is having additional security. Such protection may be the property in the form of a plot, flat or house. A loan may also be granted against the company or the car.

Check the loan costs for collateral

Check the loan costs for collateral

It can not be hidden that a non-bank loan is a solution for people looking for a high loan or loan. When deciding to make such a large commitment, we must consider our decision well. We should also carefully analyze the costs of the loan on which we will decide to borrow. At Speed ​​Cash, we can know the estimated cost of a loan before making a decision about submitting an application. To do this, simply use the calculator that is available on the company website. We give the amount of the loan we are interested in, the approximate value of your collateral (eg property, shares, art or car) and then the repayment period. The time available to repay a secured loan can vary from 3 to 48 months.

Non-bank loan against persons and companies

Pożyczka Pozabankowa pod zastaw

The loan offered by Speed ​​Cash may be available to both private persons and those who run companies. In the case of private persons, it may be a loan for any purpose, a consolidation loan for repayment of financial liabilities and debts or a loan for debt relief. In the case of companies and self-employed people, we can receive an investment, consolidation, operational or bridging loan.

What is the process of obtaining a secured loan? The first step, of course, is to apply for a loan, after which the company will contact you by phone. In the next step, it will be important to provide the required documents confirming the ownership of the real estate which will constitute the collateral for the loan. If our application is approved, the next step will be signing a contract at a notary’s office. After which, the loan funds will be transferred to our bank account. The time of obtaining a loan via Speed ​​Cash Polygarp may be from 24 to 48 hours from the moment the application is processed.