Anyone who dares to take the step into self-employment is not only courageous, but also has to overcome many hurdles. This includes the credit for new founders.

Because, a good idea is not enough to be successful on an independent basis. There is also a lot of perseverance and a lot of diligence.

The essence in keywords

  • Start-ups need banks as competent partners for intrasavings bank’s start-up loan
  • In addition, publicly funded credit does not necessarily fit with every project
  • Compare – right now online – which loan fits your ideas
  • Apply immediately – initially without obligation – to obtain planning security

The whole package has to be right

The whole package has to be right

Credit for new founders – build solid

Starting a business is a very exciting business. Not only that, the founder has carefully considered his plan and has already developed the idea that precedes the founding with certainty in mind.

It’s also about implementing the idea correctly. And that’s usually easier said than done.

There are many things to keep in mind that can quickly prove to be an obstacle. In addition, the founder must bring a lot of patience.

Many business ideas bring the desired success only after years. Because millionaires become only a few founders overnight.

Why a loan for a new founder?

Why a loan for a new founder?

The implementation of a business idea is in most cases associated with a high financial outlay. Funds must be made available that the founder usually has not saved.

Therefore, the credit for new founders is usually the only solution, the idea behind the business start-up to put into action. However, a few conditions must be met for taking up the loan.

The borrower should be solvent and know exactly how much money he needs. On top of that, there must be a business plan that accurately describes the project and allows an outlook on the future.

Banks do not give away money. And especially with new founders, it is looked very carefully which project is the reason for borrowing.

Credit for new founders – providers

Credit for new founders - providers

In principle, many banks advertise that they also lend to companies loans. However, it is not so easy to take such a loan as an entrepreneur.

The company does not yet exist and therefore can not show any balance sheets. Nobody knows how it develops. Therefore, it is difficult to predict which revenue will be generated and whether the loan can be repaid.

The default risk is therefore very high, which limits the choice of providers very. Many start-ups try to take out the loan at the house bank.

The bank knows the borrower and therefore knows what can be expected. The loan can also be requested from any other provider.

It is recommended to do the search with our loan calculator. There you can enter that the loan is needed for a trade.

Accordingly, only offers are presented that are suitable for the self-employed. This eliminates a lengthy search and a comparison of the various offers can be carried out without great effort.

Credit for new founders – recording

Credit for new founders - recording

The borrowing of the desired loan does not necessarily have to take place at a local bank. Also, a special loan, like the credit for new founders, can be easily added here via the internet.

Although not as instant loan. That would not be possible on the spot.

But with good planning and detailed and complete documentation, this can be easily implemented. It is important that the documents for the application are completed in full.

When using the purpose must be taken to ensure that this is business nature. A private loan should not flow into a company.

This brings difficulties in reporting to the tax office. The recording should also be done in peace.

Time pressure or the like is more of a hindrance and has a negative effect. Therefore, the loan should not be applied too late.

Especially not if there is a fixed timeline for the formation of the company.

Credit for new founders – promotion

Credit for new founders - promotion

It should not be forgotten that many new founders can claim funding from the state. This must be requested before applying for the loan and can not be provided later.

Therefore, it is important to always check the possibilities for funding before the remaining amount is made available by means of a loan for new founders. It is advisable to inquire with the IHK or other public authorities and seek advice.

After all, not only a well thought-out business plan is needed to use the support. It also requires an advocate who declares the project to be good and certifies self-employment good prospects of success.

The IHK would be exactly the right place to go.

Our tip:

Calculate very carefully how much money you need. Do not just think about the costs of starting up a business.

Always keep in mind that the project may not start so well right away that you can live on it. Here, too, provision must be made.