Just as the banking sector is heavily regulated by law, unfortunately, unfortunately, at the level of non-bank companies, there are still many inaccuracies. Gaps in the law, as well as the lack of specific definitions of non-bank companies, mean that also unfair people want to earn on loans. It is worth finding out how to find an honest lender, which certainly will not lead to a spiral of debt. In the end, they are obliged to comply with the rules of the Civil Code, as well as the anti-usury law. See badcreditpaydayloansrhpsd.com for an illustration

How to choose a honest loan company?


Are you wondering how, in the jungle of all offers, you really come across one that turns out to be 100% honest with you? Do not be discouraged by the opinions of customers who have had unpleasant experiences with loan companies. Skillful searching for reputable brands will allow you to find what you really need. Follow our simple guidelines, and you will definitely find the website of a reliable and trusted lender.

What can you do to find a reliable loan company:

  • Search the rankings – many websites dealing with the subject of non-bank loans carry out regular rankings for the best or the cheapest loan company. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to see the names of companies that are constantly recommended by many specialists. In this way, you are directed towards lenders that operate in accordance with Polish law.
  • Check the opinions of other customers – another indication may be people who, unfortunately, do not have good memories after cooperating with dishonest companies. You have to take into account that these are mostly local companies that display their ads at bus stops or posters. It can be said that this is the “A Bush” company, it is not known who runs it and where it has its headquarters.
  • Verify the contact details of the loan company – A good company will not have any problem with sharing all your contact details, including NIP or KRS numbers. If the offer only includes an e-mail address or telephone number, increase your vigilance.
  • Check the blacklist of companies maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority – Very often information on the actions of dishonest lenders appears on the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Various types of information are exchanged there. Thanks to this, we can guard against establishing cooperation with an unreliable company, through which we could actually get into problems themselves.
  • Look for loan companies belonging to ZBP – this rule certainly does not fall into any rules, because loan companies do not have to become a member of the Polish Bank Association. However, if the Lender we have chosen is in fact in the Polish Bank Association, then it is for us information that it strictly adheres to all regulations established for companies from the non-banking sector.
  • Verify the detailed offer of the Lender – we can get a lot of information about a given loan company by studying its offer. If we are not able to find out how much the final cost of the loan will be, and also in the regulations every now and then we come across incomprehensible concepts or sentences, we should be very careful. Because in such offers can be smuggled information about hidden costs, which as you know is not a pleasant surprise.
  • Check if the Lender is interested in our creditworthiness – a reliable and honest lender, does not grant us a loan if our creditworthiness … does not exist. Therefore, let’s stay away from companies that give us money for so-called beautiful eyes. Because later, we can have very serious problems with paying off colossal interest. A company that cares about the security of loans, even when advertising them as payday loans without BIK, is interested in our creditworthiness. Thanks to this, the company also protects its interests by not granting loans to people who currently can not cope with growing debts.

Although the above tips may look quite pessimistic, you really should not be deterred from non-bank loans. For sure, there will still be people or even companies trying to extort money from others on the Polish financial market. However, news about their activities in the age of the Internet is spreading at the speed of lightning. Therefore, following the above principles, as well as your own intuition, you will successfully find a trustworthy company that grants loans on the conditions you are interested in.