Funding for agriculture is a precious opportunity and absolutely for those who need financial help to start or grow their agricultural project. Also for 2018 the public funding offer available to aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs is full of interesting proposals for under-40s.

The editorial board of Nancy Drew collected in this guide all the most interesting information useful for those who need funding to start and / or support a business activity in the agricultural sector, addressing both Astrofinance and the traditional banking / credit system.

2018 loans: Start Up and Self-entrepreneurship

For aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs and for those who need to financially support their business activity in the agricultural sector, they can apply for Astrofinance financing.

Astrofinance has always been committed to supporting farms in the main phases of their life: from the acquisition of the land base, through the measurement of the First Settlement, to the business development, investment and consolidation projects of the company, through the Self-entrepreneurship and through Bank Alegre

Finanziamenti per l’agricoltura 2018

The Astrofinance 2018 call for proposals foresees, as every year, the possibility to participate through the presentation of the related requests aimed at offering ” Incentives for the installation of young people in agriculture “.

The same Article 1 of the Astrofinance 2018 Call for Proposals states that the purpose of the Institute is to ” support land operations reserved for young people who set up for the first time on farms as head of the company, through the provision of an interest subsidy “.

This article must be read in conjunction with article 3 entitled ” Type and size of facilities “: Astrofinance, through the publication of the Call, grants a ” interest subsidy ” to the maximum discounted measure of € 70,000.00 payable for 60% at the conclusion of the period of pre-amortization and therefore the start of amortization of the transaction and for 40% upon completion of the correct implementation of the business plan attached to the application for participation “.

The duration of the amortization plan of the transaction can be alternatively of:

  • 15 years (plus 2 years of pre-amortization)
  • 20 years (plus 2 years of pre-amortization)
  • 30 years (including 2 years of pre-amortization)

The loan is disbursed in the following ways:

  • interest rate subsidy in the amount of 60% of the concession granted up to the date of verification of the correct implementation of the business plan;
  • interest rate subsidy in the amount of 100% of the discount in case of positive outcome of the verification;
  • installment calculated without application of the interest subsidy in case of negative outcome of the verification.

Requirements for participating 

Participation in the Astrofinance 2018 call is reserved for young people wishing to start their own Start Up and their agricultural business as head of company.

Astrofinance financially supports potential entrepreneurs if, at the date of application, they meet the following requirements:

  1. aged between 18 and 41 years of age;
  2. citizenship in one of the Member States of the European Union;
  3. residence in the territory of the Italian Republic;
  4. possession of adequate knowledge and professional skills, attested by at least one of the following documents:

– university degree qualification of agricultural address;

– educational qualification of secondary school in the agricultural field;

– work experience, after having completed the compulsory education, of at least two years as a family worker or agricultural worker, documented by the registration to the relative social security scheme;

– certificate of attendance with profit for suitable professional training courses.

Only those who meet the above requirements can proceed with the participation in the Astrofinance call and with the submission of the application.

Just connect to the Astrofinance website and complete the online form.

Bank loans to agricultural businesses

Bank loans to agricultural businesses: Banca Unicredit rental loan

Banca Unicredit has always paid great attention to the financial and credit needs of agricultural entrepreneurs.

Suffice it to consult the wide and heterogeneous range of financial products available on the institutional website to understand the real possibilities of benefiting from loans designed to support the world of agriculture.

Among the many loan products provided by Unicredit bank, you can opt for the Conduction Loan, a very interesting loan that supports current management expenses, pending the sale of company productions.

The expendable expenses are attributable to the following:

  • Coverage for the purchase of livestock, fertilizers, fuels
  • Coverage for paying employees and members

The interest rate is fixed and the repayment is in a single payment (within 12 months) or in monthly, quarterly or half-yearly installments (from 12 to 18 months). The tax regime is not subject to any substitute tax.